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Oct 28, 2012 1:30am PDT
of the college of applied sciences and arts. thanks for joining us .... so dr. bullock, as an educator what stance are you telling your teachers to take in terms of prop 30? what is this school facing if prop 30 doesnt pass? what should students be prepared for or be doing to plan for next semester? can you guarantee that students who are planning to graduate next semester will be able to get the classes that they need? do you remain optimistic about the future of higher education in california and why? thanks for joining us dr.bullock the u-s census bureau says latinos make up one of six residents in the united states. so with the election day less then two weeks away... will the latino vote have an impact (?) update news' pedro garcia shows us the last minute push to register latinos to vote. ">>>on the corner of story and king in east san jose...a group that advocates for immigrant rights...siren attempted to get latinos registered to vote. jeremy barousse/ siren "we are out here registering voters. it's the last day to register to vote in the state of california, so we've
Nov 4, 2012 1:30am PDT
science professor dr. percival. >> thanks for having me here. >> do you think young people have an impact on the outcome of proposition 30? >> absolutely it will. this is going to be a very close contest. proposition 30, if you look how it was polled over the last several months, it's always been close. right now i think there was about 50% saying they were going to support it with 8% or 9% undecided still. this is where the young vote can really matter. young people often say that government doesn't pay attention to their interests, to the things they care about, and this is one of those issues probably can't get a clear connection between young voters and what policy is going to do. this is one of those cases where it can really matter. what we're seeing is that if you look at some of the public opinion polls on this, there's widespread support, 65%, 70%, some polls higher among college ed students who support proposition 30. you have less support among older citizens. this is depending on the turnout and how many young people turn out to vote for this. how they vote could very w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2